Tips In Choosing a Condo or Apartment To Rent

Tips In Choosing a Condo or Apartment To Rent

Renting a condominium or an apartment? With so many properties up for rent, how do you decide which one to choose? I'd like to share some tips with you from our experience in renting:

1. Gain familiarity of the location.

The first time you visit the place everything seems to be okay. Right place, right time. Come back on a rush hour or at lunch time. Still works? Great! You just need to get to know the place especially when trying to rent a condo in Makati, Ortigas, Taguig or in other highly urbanized areas.

2. Get to know your landlord

When I rented out my first condo, my mom told me, "Let's take this, the landlady seems nice and easy to talk to". Now I know why. It's when something happens; aircon suddenly breaks down, leaks on the ceiling, mushrooms growing on the floor, etc. When these things happen, you have to call on your landlord to get them fixed. It's less stressful when he/she is easy to deal with. That said, establishing a good relationship with your landlord is a must.

3. Check the infrastructure

I rented a condo once at an old building. It's relatively cheaper and I got quite a big space for my money. Problem is because the building is old, cockroaches were a constant problem, the bathroom always clogs, furniture easily breaks apart, etc. You get the drift.

4. Take note of the amenities

This is kind of obvious but the thing is you get value from it. How much is a gym subscription compared to paying association dues and using the gym in your condo? At a place I rented out for a year, they even have a trainer for free. Some condominiums have a jogging trail and almost all of the new ones today have a pool. Instant hang out place.

5. Ask your friends

Ask someone who's been there before and have them share their experience, their problems, and what they liked and did not like. There's a reason why people read the reviews of a beach resort before booking.

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