Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Christmas is just around the corner. If you're renting a small room and you're worried that Christmas decors will take up a lot of space, below are some helpful tips that will get your place ready for the season without feeling crowded:

1.) Decorate your front door

Your front door is the first thing your guests see which is why it's a good idea to dress it up for the occasion. You may hang a wreath or stockings on the door, or you may choose to hang a Christmas decor on the doorknob. If you want, you may even spruce up your doorways by framing it with garlands.

2.) Get a small or tabletop Christmas tree

Decorating for the holidays isn't complete without a nice Christmas tree. Don't worry about getting a full-size tree, a small one will be just as good in filling any empty corner or midheight shelf that you have. If there's really no room available, you may opt for a tabletop Christmas tree instead. Another option is to transform an indoor plant into a Christmas tree by decorating it with balls and ornaments. Get small empty boxes that are wrapped as Christmas gifts and place them underneath the tree to add some fun.

3.) Get pint-sized Christmas figurines

Add Christmas figurines to places that still have some space such as your bookshelf, side table, or even on top of your refrigerator. They may be small in size, but never underestimate the effect they can bring to a room.

4.) Hang ornaments from unlikely places

Don't limit Christmas ornaments and ribbons to the Christmas tree. Look for other places - such as your chandelier, window or doorway - where you they can be hung and seen. A chandelier is usually an ideal place to decorate for small spaces. Just be careful not to overload it with decors or you might risk making the room look smaller than it already is.

You don't need a big space (or a big budget) in decorating your place for the holidays. Whether you're renting a small condominium, apartment or room, a little creativity can go a long way. Have fun decorating and Merry Christmas everyone!

5.) Throw in some Christmas pillows to your sofa

Bring the holiday ambiance to your living room by adding some Christmas-themed throw pillows. If you're good with your hands, you may even do your own pillow covers (the internet has lots of tutorials on DIY throw pillows). Not only is this budget-friendly, it also adds a personal touch to the design of your room.

6.) Set your dinning table for Christmas

Your dinning table is another good place to dress up for the season, especially when you have guests coming over for dinner. If you have Christmas dinnerware, this is a good time to bring them out and have them on display. If you don't have any, stick with your usual classic white dinnerware and just add a Christmas-themed centerpiece (see #7 for DIY centerpiece).

7.) Add Christmas centerpieces to your dinning and coffee table

Christmas balls and ornaments are not just for trees and chandeliers; they can also be used as ornaments for your centerpieces. As with throw pillows, you may opt to create your own Christmas-themed centerpiece for your dinning or coffee table by using candles and a small-sized wreath. Place the wreath over a tray and add three pillar candles of varying height (a large candle will do just fine as shown in the picture) in the center of the tray. Another option and simpler way is to fill up an empty vase or glass bowl with an assortment of holiday ornaments (in decorating a bare windowsill, go for taller glass jars). You may search the internet for more ideas on DIY Christmas centerpieces. Just remember to keep them simple yet eye-catching.

8.) Lighten up your balcony with Christmas lights

If you have a balcony, extend the merriment outside by putting on some Christmas lights. There's a kid in each and every one of us who finds simple joy in seeing Christmas lights and lanterns. It will also brighten and highlight your balcony in a flattering way.

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