Reasons Why Condo Living Is For You

Reasons Why Condo Living Is For You

You love the city. It’s where you’re meant to be. Now that you’re a part of it, your options for a home are plenty. You can have a starter townhouse, a nice apartment, or a small studio. The city is a jungle and looking around can be taxing. It can be simplified though, when you focus on only one kind of home: a condominium.

Condominiums are the new style homes in the capitals. These are buildings packed with units and amenities, shared by the residential community. You’ll probably want to check out a condo or two, just to satisfy your interest, but if you’re like any of these people, you will no doubt be interested in living la vida condo:

You’re a go-getter

You’re not just a part of the country’s working population, you’re one of those on their way to the top--the career sharks. You’re someone who knows what you want, and who always gets it no matter the test. What’s special about you is that you have an eye for quality, and since you do, you don’t settle for anything less.

Condos bring out the go-getter in you. With the huge number of condo buildings and units out there, it’s nearly impossible to choose. But you know what you’re looking for, and are keen on detail. Once you’ve seen the right unit, you won’t settle for less, and you’ll go get it.

You love being accessible

Not the place, you. You’re accessible.

Since everywhere you go condos seem to follow, you can easily pick one to live in without worrying about accessibility. These homes just follow where the roads are--and you love it.

You have the MRT connected by a bridge on the east wing; provincial and local buses stopping at your doorstep; and jeepneys going ten different routes at every exit. You can easily frolic around the city or skip towns within a moment of stepping out the door.

Even if you have a car, the locations are so good that you can easily drive out the garage and be off and away quickly. Coming home is also good for you, especially if the main road becomes sluggish--and you love it.

But then again, with a mall for a lobby, who says you’re leaving?

You’re always on the move

Since you’re an active camper, wearing your best shoes and jogging from lap to lap, you’re often out of the city--sometimes even the country. Since you have a condo you’re not going to use for a while, why not have it help you out while you’re away--by renting it out.

It’s easy to get good tenants when you’re in a prime location, and also to ask good money. Location is everything in the real estate market - that’s how you’re sure your home is going to sell or rent out quickly.

This is one of the perks of having a condo. And it is legal. You can have anybody rent it out for any duration you want, and for the price you choose. Which means, you can have the condo’s association fees paid for and off your mind while you’re cruising the Bahamas or exploring Africa!

You know fun and comfort

Condos have their own amenities – and lots of them usually. They have their own pools, gyms, lounges, gardens, and playgrounds, all in their compound or building. You can enjoy them with your forever buddies, or your new building friends.

You can have your kids playing in the grounds while you’re relishing the garden. Or you and your girlfriends can go dipping in the pool one hot afternoon. This is a dream life for anyone who likes to have fun – and you don’t have to maintain it all yourself!

You’re money-wise

Anyone who chooses a condo knows how to handle money, especially since often it’s cheaper than a house and lot. Whilst you do have association fees they pay for the maintenance of the quality amenities so, you shouldn’t mind.

And when you think about it, the PHPs you save in not leaving the building for food and shopping, also helps keep money in your bank. Plus the fees you gain from renting out or re-selling your condo adds a few million to your bank. If you’re wise with your money, you can then buy another one if you so desire!

Whilst a condo is not a house with a lot, it can still be called a home. There are amazing perks to living in a condo, so why not consider living in the clouds?

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