The Giants of the Philippine Real Estate Landscape

The Giants of the Philippine Real Estate Landscape

The Philippines has been experiencing a boost in its real estate industry since 2012 and everyone has noticed. With constructions popping up every minute, the landscape is changing; flyers and billboards are coming to life. The urban facelift is unveiling itself.

The change is fast and massive. It’s more than just plotting walls and stacking floors, it’s about reaching the sky. And with the influx of developments, lifestyles are also evolving. From houses firmly grounded to rooms afloat sky-high, one such change is in the living modes of the population.

Condominium living is now a real trend. And while this may be new for parts of the community, it’s a huge win for the developers. They spend millions on lots and constructions without a second thought. They build everywhere because they know they’ll sell - just like that.

This rapid growth has a nationwide impact and it’s understandable that new players are constantly joining the game. As for the established developers? Well, they’re simply retooling their strategies and are reaping the benefits at the top of their game.

So who are these top players driving change in the Philippine real estate landscape?

Ayala Land, Inc.

It’s the name behind the bulk of residential and commercial developments around. This is the big name everyone wants to beat.

What most of us know of them is condos, malls, and other entertainment hubs. The names “Glorietta”, “One Serendra”, “TechnoHub”, and “The Circuit” are probably familiar. Brands such as Avida, Amaia, Alveo, BellaVita, and Ayala Land Premier are also notable, and target various segments of the market from the elite to the blue-collared.

Overall, this renowned developer has 147 residential projects worth approximately $240 Billion in sales value. It’s a force to reckon with - and these are only the residential developments. Ayala also has commercial and industrial lots, offices, hotels, and resorts in its hold.

With various projects still under development, the biggest developer continues to grow. And as of April 10, 2014, its market capitalization, or the total value of its shares, amounts to $9.87 Billion. Now that is something to beat.

SM Prime

If there is one contender that closely rivals our first entry, it has to be the company owned by the country’s richest man.

From the world of malls to that of condominiums, convention centers, hotels, and resorts, SM Prime continues to grow in market cap and land hold. It has now even expanded to China with 6 malls totalling approximately 800,000 sqm in gross floor area. But that’s still nothing close to the 47 malls in the Philippines, totalling up to 5.8 million sqm.

Even beyond supermalls, Henry Sy’s empire is booming. There are more projects underway. 17 high-rise condominiums are set to turn over 34,000 units until 2018. More of his lifestyle cities, or communities of businesses like his SM Mall of Asia area, have also been planned.

SM Prime’s market cap of $9.554 Billion may already be big, but it’s still not the biggest. The company continues to aim for more, as it plans to target mid-rise condo projects next. Plus it still has 920 hectares of land to be developed. You can be certain that your children’s children will know SM Prime - and it won’t be through folklore.

The Philippine real estate landscape has vastly changed in recent years, and all aspects of living have followed. And it doesn’t appear to be slowing any time soon. There will be more developments to come to our major cities, and these will change the community again.

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