10 Things you can do while staying in a condominium

10 Things you can do while staying in a condominium

1.) Swim - Most of the condominium projects here in Metro Manila has a swimming pool as part of their amenity. Residents love this because they can swim anytime they want without wasting their time travelling.

2.) Connect thru Free Wi-Fi - Also, most of the condominium projects here in Metro Manila offers Free Wi-Fi for their residents usually located in the common area such as lobby, lounge, garden and function rooms

3.) Exercise in the Gym - Some condominium projects offers free use of fitness equipment for their residents. Some projects also has a jogging path and covered courth where you can jog.

4.) Take selfies or groupies - Newly built condominium projects has picturesque features and amenities such as elegant lounge, sophisticated lobbies, hotel inspired hallways, modern elevator designs, resort inspired swimming pools, beautiful gardens and mini parks, and breathtaking view from their roof top or sky lounge. This would be perfect background for your photo.

5.) Join the events and activities organized by the Condominium Corporation or Property Management - Most condominium projects has lot of events in stored for their residents such as sports fest, fire safety and basic life support seminar, halloween party, christmas party, new year celebration and chinese new year celebration.

6.) Hold a party at the Function Room or Amenity Area - As a resident, you may use the function rooms or amenity area for a minimal fee. Use it for different celebrations such as wedding reception, christening, reunion, formal gatherings or simply get together with your family and friends.

7.) Shop and dine at the Commercial Area - You can find many establishments at the ground floor of a high rise condominium project or at the front gate of a mid rise condo. This are composed mainly of grocery store, convenience store, restaurants, food carts, laundry services, spa and other wellness boutique and more.

8.) Get to know your fellow residents - Getting to know your neighborhood in a condominium which has a fast paced, come and go environment is truly a great challenge. You can start doing this by a simple greeting of "Good Morning" in the hallway or a natural smile while the elevator door is opening. You can maximize this by playing basketball, volleyball, billiards, table tennis, chess or badminton in the sports area or joining activities and events such as prayer meetings and zumba dance.

9.) Get to know the staff and employees - Residences and guests should also give time to know the staff and employees serving them. Remember, they are the one who is protecting your property and most of all securing yourself and your loved ones. So be sure to treat this people well.

10.) Do nothing - After a full day of hardwork, stress and sacrifices, sometimes your body and soul just want to stop and do nothing. You may sit at the amenity area and watch the children play or you may look up and watch the starry sky and the moon. Just relax, breathe, meditate and think how much blessed you are.
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