How to Survive - 5 Winners in Traffic

5 Winners in Traffic

1.) Gasoline Stations - More fuel has been used by the vehicles because of the traffic. More fuel consumption means more income for the Gasoline Stations.

2.) Hotel/Condotel - Because of the huge traffic experiencing in Metro Manila, many people just prefer to stay to a condominium or a hotel rather than travelling far.

3.) Convenience Store/ Food Chains - There is no more time to prepare for a dinner so might as well eat in a restaurant or inside your car.

4.) Auto Repair - Vehicles are made to run and not to be parked in an everyday traffic. The greater the traffic, the greater the chance that your vehicle might have a problem.

5.) Shopping Malls - One way to escape the traffic is to avoid the rush hour. While waiting for the traffic to subside, you may spend your time eating in a restaurant, doing your groceries, watching a new movie in a cinema or get a hair cut inside the mall.
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