How to Survive - Terrific Traffic - How to enjoy traffic while driving?

Terrific Traffic - How to enjoy traffic while driving?

1.) Accept it - First you need to accept that you might not get on time to your work or appointment. If you keep on rushing and beating the clock, you may end up violating a traffic rule or get to a skirmish with your fellow driver or much worse, be hurt because of accident. Just think how much you are blessed that you are driving a car while others are still waiting in the side streets hoping to get a ride.

2.) You will be there - After you accepted it, focus on driving. Hands on the wheels, eyes on the road. Stay on your lane. Don't tailgate. You may also turn your radio on for news or play your favorite music to help you get a good mood. You might also chew a candy or gum that will make you alert during long hours of traffic jam.

3.) Inhale Exhale - During long traffic jams, set your car to neutral and then stretch your arms and legs, bend your head and slowly inhale and exhale. You may also look yourself at the rear view mirror or visor mirror and see how beautiful you are.

4.) Stop - If you think you can't handle the stress anymore, park you car in a food chain or convenience store. Drink a coffee or Ice-cold tea. Eat chocolates or enjoy a hotdog sandwich. Lastly, pick up your phone, call your wife or your kids and tell them how much you love them and that you will do this sacrifice everyday for them.

5.) Pray - Pray that HE might give you other options or give you additional patience.

Life is unfair but it doesn't mean that we should also be unfair to others. It is important to get to your destination on time but the most important thing is to reach your destination alive and safe.
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