How to Survive - What is faster during rush hour, riding an MRT or EDSA Bus?

What is faster during rush hour, riding an MRT or EDSA Bus?

Answer - Riding an MRT

It took me approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes in a bus ride from MRT North Ave. Station up to MRT Magallanes Station. While it took me only 2 hours to get to MRT Magallanes Station coming from MRT North Ave. Station.

Both of this were done a Monday Morning rush hour on a different week. While it is faster riding an MRT, it is more comfortable riding an AirCon Bus with Television and Wi-Fi on board.

In riding in MRT, I waited while standing for an hour. For newbies, be sure to eat your breakfast first and be physically fit because you will surely experience bodyache, headache, fatigue and stress due to the pushing and muscling in of people who wants to go inside the Terminal first. Be ready also for the bad odor and sweat coming from your fellow passangers. For the ladies, it's up to you on how to protect your sensitive parts. Be sure to bring only light weight valueables as the weight might double or triple as the time goes by as you are standing while waiting to get a train ride. Dont' forget to have an enough load on your Stored Value Card or else, you will still have to line up again for another 15 to 45 minutes for just buying a card or loading your existing card. After I have entered the train, it took us almost an hour to get to Magallanes Station. Luckily for us, there are no system failures or other errors occured that might pro long our travel. After riding an MRT, I feel exhausted, sophocated, hungry and irritated.

On the other hand, my ride with an Aircon Bus is more relaxing and smooth. I am well sitted in a comfortable and soft chair. I was able to watch a full movie while eating my break fast. I have also read blogs and have emailed and post messages on Facebook because of the free wi-fi inside the bus. After riding a Bus, I feel comfortable and relaxed however, I'm shocked when I check the time in my mobile phone, it's almost lunch time. For us regular employees, this would spell as half day cutted in our salary. For our companies, half day of productivity have loss. For the vehicles, a fare amount of their fuel have loss.
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